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Alstad, et al.

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Citations Alstad, Z. Journal of Writing Research, 6 3— Time-Saving Tips tip-in from the Teacher Edition outlines how to use these digital tools to maximize your instruction time.

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Fluent cursive consistently predicts more skillful composing and better spelling at grades 4—7. Download this white paper to read more about the research cited here. See why Zaner-Bloser is the Gold Standard for handwriting instruction.

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Updates to the program make our instruction more inclusive with additional hands-on application. Call a Customer Experience Specialist Our efficient, effective method can be implemented through direct instruction and across disciplines in just 15 minutes per day! Take a brief online tour! I Read to Write Grades 2—6 This program prepares students for writing assessments by giving them extensive practice in responding to sources and citing text evidence. Handwriting Activity Cards encourage additional practice with colorful cards that can be used for small group work, at activity centers, or for individual enjoyment. But handwriting is still a key foundational skill for literacy development. Christensen and Jones, People who take handwritten notes process information better than those who type notes on a laptop. Research supports teaching cursive in the middle and adolescent grades. Available at MyZBPortal. James, Children with stronger fine-motor skills do better not only in literacy tasks such as letter writing, but also in kindergarten math; in addition, these skills are associated with ongoing reading and math achievement as late as fifth grade. Curious to see how they all work together? James, K. Download a PDF of the tips.

Dinehart, L. Dinehart, et al.

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