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A: We do not begin the review process until after the application deadline, thus the strict requirement on the postmark date.

Attendance at regularly scheduled activities, such as classes, labs, research projects, evening meetings, and weekend activities is mandatory. All our staff will be trained for basic first-aid response.

Where will the students live? Parents may drop students to the campus independently — however, this will not be paid for by Young Scholars Programme. The fees include tuition, extra-curricular activities, accommodation on campus, basic medical attention, wholesome meals, study material required for the classes and access to all facilities at Ashoka such as playing fields, library, internet and laundry.

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The campus has a tuck shop where students can buy any items for personal use. All meals are provided, but if a student wishes to dine out, they will need to pay using their own funds. A holistic selection process is designed to determine the potential merit of the students.

Our intention is to broaden and enrich the students' understanding of mathematics rather than to accelerate them through the standard high school curriculum.

If you are still interested in joining us this July, you have until Sunday, April 7th to submit your material. Are there any scholarships available?

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We are looking for students who have scored well on the math portion of the ACT, SAT, or other standardized test, enjoy participating in math competitions, or simply find mathematics to be an interesting and challenging subject.

Admission to the Young Scholars Program does not constitute admission to a full-time program at the University of Pennsylvania.

fsu ysp 2019 college confidential

What are some of the key features of the Ashoka campus?

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Young Scholars Program