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Wake Up and Write Writers Retreat Workshop For three decades, this retreat — in one form or another — has been providing an immersive learning experience for people writing novels.

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Remember, not all rental or borrowed homes are created equal. Travel to Prague from May 12—18, No one burns out.

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She buys brand-new pajamas and snacks. It will be held on a acre retreat center outside of Boise from July 1—10, Organizers also host a retreat in Greece in June.

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And as the sun goes down, a delicious dinner lovingly prepared for the small group of women writers—Hedgebrook is one of the only retreats for women only—who sit around the farmhouse table in literary camaraderie. Admission is free; registration is first come, first served. Typical deadline: February 1. Dramatic, timbered canyon walls, a flock of wild turkeys, herds of deer, the occasional call of coyote. Participants walk away with a pattern for living in which creativity is the focus, which is not only a healthier approach to day-to-day life, but also a much happier one, too. It will be held on a acre retreat center outside of Boise from July 1—10, It was an amazing place to write, but I discovered that it was maybe just a little too amazing. Literary Shangri-la. Imagine one cup, one plate, one glass.

She asks for the highest, most quiet room they have, with a writing desk and a good chair. Financial aid is available on a limited basis.

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For a few blissful hours, I read my books in the quiet window-seat of the hermitage, a straw bale meditation hut built on a grassy hillside above the center. During my stay there was also an architecture installation where visitors could climb through underground tunnels, an activity that seemed like an apt metaphor for working on a novel. To apply, you must submit a page writing sample. What is the agreed-upon budget? Visit the Reflections Inn website to get a glimpse of the eight beautiful suites and the extraordinary surroundings. One might be located near you! Each day everyone there, instructors included, writes a new poem, to be gently workshopped—really just read and discussed as a work-in-progress—the next day, or sometimes that very same day if, like me, you are inclined to finish your new poem in the early hours. Next deadline: February I know I did. Later in the evening, we read pages to each other by the fire. They can enjoy writing workshops, talks from writers, meditation sessions, open mics, and shared, home-cooked meals. After morning yoga or tai chi, host Kathryn Kay will lead group writing sessions; in the afternoon, group outings to nearby towns and sites. No Internet.
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