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The State Government, as alleged by the leaders of the District Councils, delay releasing funds to the Councils and such delays are, sometimes, based on political considerations with affecting the normal functioning of the councils.

This needs rectification to enable the Regional Council to share such income. But the rules provide that they may, at any time, resign in writing.

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Paragraph 3 G of the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India empowers the District Councils to appoint the succession of Chiefs or headmen but it does not appear clear whether such power covers the abolition of Chiefship as an institution.

Due to overstaffing the establishment expenses, on unproductive trained etc.

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The mobilisation of available resources by the District Councils is not satisfactory and they tend to depend on the grants-in-aid from the Central Govt. It may be further added that keeping in view the political opportunism displayed by the members of the District Councils in the recent past, anti-defection legislation appears useful.

This emerging socio-economic power structure in the tribal areas does not allow the benefits of the sixth Schedule to flow down to the weaker section of the tribes.

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Sixth Schedule and Working of the District Councils in North