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Take the front item of the queue and add it to the visited list.

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Add the ones which aren't in the visited list to the back of the queue. Since 0 has already been visited, we visit 2 instead. There are two ways to represent edges. Step 2: Loop until stack is empty. Download source code - 5. Adjacency Matrix It is a two dimensional array with Boolean flags. This article will help any beginner to get some basic understanding about what graphs are, how they are represented, graph traversals using BFS and DFS. Edges Edges represent the connection between nodes. So, I decided to write an article for graph. We start from vertex 0, the BFS algorithm starts by putting it in the Visited list and putting all its adjacent vertices in the stack. In fact, tree is derived from the graph data structure. Unlike trees, in graphs, a node can have many parents. Graphs are one of the most interesting data structures in computer science. Nodes Nodes are implemented by class, structures or as Link-List nodes.

We use an undirected graph with 5 vertices. Algorithmic Steps Step 1: Push the root node in the Stack.

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Step 2: Loop until the queue is empty. In this article, we will discuss undirected and un-weighted graphs. Since 0 has already been visited, we visit 2 instead.

Beginner Friendly Tutorials for Programmers What do you want to learn today? They can also be used to find out whether a node is reachable from a given node or not.

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Depth First Search or DFS for a Graph