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Exterior observations and recommendations specific to the subject property 3. Ideally, you want to find someone who is dedicated to mold full time. How can you be more confident?

mold inspection report template

The best a competent mold test lab can do when working only from a mold sample that is, with no expert building inspection results is tell you what's in the sample collected, not whether the sample represents the building and not whether the sample captured the most important problem in the building.

What can that possibly mean? We get a lot of calls from people asking us to help them interpret their "mold inspection report. The laboratory documents everything it finds in a mold test sample.

Before a Mold Remediation Protocol is written, a mold assessment is conducted by a qualified Mold Assessor some States have licensure requirements.

Sample mold inspection letter

Other types of debris are ignored, however, the entire lab report is provided for each test for interpretation by other mold professionals. Clients of mold inspectors should be very welcome to call to discuss the investigator's findings and to ask for a reasonable amount of further explanation or guidance without incurring additional cost. At the same time, a report which "protects" the investigator or laboratory by too-broad warnings risks wasting the client's time and money on a wild goose chase. Property Overview 1. Though no federal standards have been set for mold remediation, industry guidance and practices have been established. Laboratory Methodology 6. Investigators who disclaim any responsibility to you, saying "ask the lab," and laboratories who say "we just process the sample, ask the investigator" are not being as helpful as they should. Often the symptoms go away after they leave they leave the environment. Mold Inspections by Untrained People Another of our clients received this "mold inspection and test report" written on a "Pest Control Service Agreement".

Mold exposure standards: 7. If your mold related issue is a mystery, a proper routine will help them identify this.

mold inspection letter

Priority should be placed on immediate issue s. Purpose of lab work: 7.

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