Write a letter to a soldier lesson plan

Checking the online resources, I was thrilled to see a graphic organizer designed to help my students write a friendly letter to a veteran. It was great," he told the Whittier Daily News.

Write a letter to a soldier lesson plan

What You Need: Paper and pen, or Internet access Address of the soldier, or email What You Do: Ask your friends, family, and co-workers if they know a soldier who is currently stationed away from home. Be sure to ask the soldier what he or she likes and needs! The soldiers sent pictures of themselves and the area where they are deployed, including pictures of sandstorms and schools. Students in Ann Powers second-grade class at St. Lesson Plan Source. This month, to celebrate and honor our soldiers as Memorial Day nears, many students and others will write letters to soldiers serving around the world. If you are doing traditional "snail mail," show your child how to address the letter. Our students always beam with pride knowing their cards and donations will be sent to those serving far away from home. After you've read the letter, encourage her to write back to the soldier throughout his or her deployment. Each year I try to do a service project that helps my students understand the sacrifice that military members make when they enlist in the armed services. Reading the News You might use a variety of approaches to reading the news: Read aloud the news story to students as they follow along. Provide students with a patriotic theme and hold an essay contest. Talk with your child about the sacrifices that the soldier is making, such as being away from family and friends. You might have them write in their journals about what they learned from the experiences you provided.

Allen Ienn of the Arizona National Guard visited Yumas Centennial Middle School to thank students there for cards and letters they sent to him and his fellow soldiers stationed in Iraq.

Thanks for reading. Veteran interviews. Some organizations are actively collecting paperback books to send to our soldiers. There are also a number of websites that list military personnel looking for pen pals, such as Any Soldier or Forgotten Soldiers Outreach.

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Ryan Schmitt of the Iowa National Guard. The soldiers answer questions about life in Iraq and send Iraq memorabilia along with their letters, according to a news story published by The Register-Mail.

Just as I was thinking of what our class could do to commemorate Veterans Day this year, Scholastic News Edition 3 arrived with a cover story about a military family.

Provide students with a patriotic theme and hold an essay contest.

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Finally, we put all of our letters in an envelope and sent them off to the address listed in the Scholastic News article.

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Remember Our Soldiers