When push comes to shove

Just how far along that road the military men would accompany the president was anyone's guess. Then, when push comes to shove, they say, 'Six months in the workhouse.

Ol' Pete was long one of my best slang sources; I salute Randy Roberts, senior manuscript specialist at the Peter Tamony Collection, for tracking this earliest citation.

You should not have to click your way aimlessly hither and yon. The 'net will be the technology of 'pull' tomorrow, where people reach into it or have their intelligent agents do so on their behalf.

Media-lab, Nicholas Negroponte, said: ''The way to think about the 'net is to compare it with the technologies of 'push' as we know them today in newspapers, magazines and television.

when push comes to shove crossword clue

Peter Tamony, the one-man data base of San Francisco who left his thousands of slang clippings to the University of Missouri at Columbia, clipped an even earlier usage from page of Bernard Wolfe's ''The Late Risers,'' a novel about the inhabitants of Insomnia Alley, or Times Square.

I ran into Tom Young, Mr. Pressure from below, combined with the president's provocative behaviour such as attempting to seize control of the Caracas police forcepushed it to strike at a bad time.

That stoppage led within a week to the president's temporary removal from office, after 19 demonstrators died and the armed forces ceased to support him. Could be she know some freakish mumbling man.

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Push Comes to Shove