The structure of a book report

They can also serve as an effective springboard into later discussion work based on the ideas and issues explored in a particular book.

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This will begin with the summary. Note where the action takes place and when.

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You can offer your own opinion of the book. Refer to this person or these persons as the Main Character or Main Characters. Make It Personal Often when teaching essay writing we will talk to our students about the importance of climbing up and down the ladder of abstraction.

Topics to Include in Your Report: When you write your report, try to cover as many of the following topics as you can: Setting: Describe the setting or settings of the book. Make sure you clearly write each element in an organized fashion: separate the information into short paragraphs, use active voice and descriptive language, and be sure to use topic sentences and closing sentences for each paragraph so the reader will follow your main points.

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You like this type of book i. What contribution does the book make to the field? A more detailed explanation of the MLA formatting style can be found at mla. Did it win any major awards? Writing a College Level Book Report Book reports are common tasks for college students that help to assess their writing, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Write two sentences that talk about the books good points and weak points. Did any of the characters do things that you think are wrong, noble, risky, etc? Center the title below your name and course information. State the name of each of the other important characters, and the key role that each one plays in the book Most books have five or six prominent characters besides the main character, so simply listing each one and stating their role in the book will give you a good sized paragraph. Book reviews can be valuable standalone activities, or serve as a part of a series of activities engaging with a central text. Intended audience The author's intention may be apparent by the way the subject of the book is treated. It was on a required reading list. Was it violent, scary, fast paced, etc. Writing book reviews.

Was it violent, scary, fast paced, etc.

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How to write a book review