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The poem is written in iambic pentameter, which makes it capable of being a sonnet, but the poem is written in quatrains and includes two extra lines.

There is an alternating rhyme scheme present throughout the poem. The combined effect of these metaphors throws light on the difficulties in life.

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But more interesting than the events are the shadows of war that linger in the mind of the ex-soldier father, causing him to meditate on the cyclical nature of pain and violence.

The poet reacts strongly to keep his son from further harm from the nettles "I Perhaps the second real theme is the vanity of a violent or vengeful reaction.

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A spear is a weapon of war and killing, inducing war and blood imagery. Stanza - A number of lines of verse laid out together on the page and separated by empty lines from the remainder of the poem.

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`nettles` Critical Essay.