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Domestically, terrorist threats to homeland security will be countered by government power used by various domestic security agencies, and the newly created domestic intelligence programs will enable them to apply their powers with greater force and precision.

Each will get a description while highlighting and discussing core elements or requirements that each acronym calls for or offers Many people view it as a waste of public resources.

History The foundations and principles of homeland security are rooted deeply in American history.

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It is also an important counterterrorism agency working with the Department of Homeland Security in that it is responsible for the dissemination of information regarding terrorism including the kinds of acts the US government considers as acts of terrorism and the high risk target areas of terrorist attacks.

It has been necessary for the DHS to grow and adapt as new and more dangerous threats became known.

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They were created in to stop any threats or terrorist attacks towards the United States. By definition however they are two separate sides of the coin that keep the United States regulated and protected against the threats from both the inside and outside.

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The plan consists of missions varying from border security to cyber security. The purpose of this paper is to define and give detailed information about Homeland Security in the United States. The United States government has implemented several initiatives from the lowest levels of government, to spearhead the collective use of intelligence to ensure the safety of its people Due to the actions on September 11th homeland security has been the main goal of many politicians and voters. One of the simplest ways of seeing how this works is via the chart located below. The biggest part of the Border Security is the Border Patrol. How does the creation of the Department of Homeland Security affect resources traditionally designated for local criminal justice organizations. This was the birth of the Department of Homeland Security.

This means that risk management is a decision making tool that allows for the DHS to intelligently and efficiently make planning choices based on threat level priorities.

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