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It gave us an insight into every teenager's mind trying to figure out whether different is good and put the reader in a compromising position because although you don't want to conform, it feels like you do. He says that at every reunion, the students talk about Stargirl and wonder what happened to her. Everyone in the audience, including the parents, cheer for her. Stargirl joins the squad, and most of the school decide that they like her and consider her a free spirit. I'll say it again: Stargirl is a classic. A few weeks after the dance, having not heard from Stargirl, Leo goes by her house and finds out that it is empty and up for sale. Through this seemingly small detail about him, a whole series of spectacular events is placed in motion. She attends the funeral of a students grandfather and sobs heavily. Students suddenly shun her for what she has done and she takes a major fall in popularity. Stargirl, living now in Pennsylvania, tells her own story this time, in "the world's longest letter," which is actually a series of journal entries. She spreads a rumor that Stargirl was planted by the administration to foster school spirit and the rumor spreads quickly.

He worries that since Stargirl seems to be losing some of her popularity, having her on the show many turns ugly. Changing yourself makes no impact on others, so the moral is: stay true to yourself.

Technically speaking I love everything about this book: the characters, the story, the cover art. Archibald Hapwood Brubaker is a retired paleontologist that lives near the school.

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Little did he know till much, much later that Stargirl Caraway, a most unusual and fascinating young lady, would read this and send an unsigned gift to him. The referee tries to remove her, but she manages to evade him long enough to get away.

The following Monday, Susan returns to school as Stargirl. A bittersweet paean to eccentricity and nonconformity, it is also a scathing commentary on teenagers, which makes its popularity with them all the more interesting.

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