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Starbucks faces intense competition in the specialty coffee market, which could lead to reduced profitability.

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The major elements of the strategic management process. This strategy has been modified from saturation by area concentration, to a more disciplined approach, that identifies key markets, based on market analysis that emphasizes individual store profitability.

So in general competition is very big. Most of the consumers prefer to purchase products based on their budget. We want to be invited in wherever we do business. Grand Strategy Grand strategies refer to those strategies that can be used to achieve the set goals and objectives.

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By , however, Star- bucks unprecedented size, combined with the uncertainty of the economy, had placed the company in a new competitive game. The chain that offers food products and services use several different techniques for advertising, and promotions to market the products and services that being currently offered by them. As there are only two sorts of coffee beans, Robusta and Arabica from which only the latter is being used for premium coffee, suppliers wanting to serve Starbucks have to create and maintain a high quality standard and offer good prices. They are able to improve the image of Starbucks and have a strategic value as they helped develop new products and to increase Starbucks market share[3]. Coupled with this strategy is the expansion of alternate distribution channels to multiply the potential in increased revenues. Common Size Financial Analysis 4. So as there is hardly any power of suppliers, only few purchasers who are able to put pressure on Starbucks but big competition in combination with many different coffee cultures around the world their expansion strategy is very difficult. This could make them slow to diversify into other sectors should the need arise. This company analysis focuses on three factors or issues involved in maintaining a competitive advantage. Starbucks is required to integrate the concept of value chain and should continue to engage its suppliers, and should try to make them realize that they are one of the important stakeholders of the company. The corporation has shifted its goal from market saturation — slowing its growth in new stores — to market dominance with more efficient and more profitable stores with its strategy of disciplined expansion in key markets. Business and Finance. Arthur Rubinfeld President Global Development g.

Planet Starbucks — To keep up the growth, it must go global quickly.

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