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Usually, the whole family gathers together for longing for sacred time when the clock strikes There are many activities to welcome new coming spring in this occasion.

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Finally, it is the time to enjoy the new spring together. Tetor Lunar New Year is considered one of the most popular festival in Vietnam.

Children usually take up pens to write their first essay, hoping for good results in school.

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Chua, process analysis essay about tet holiday - north. Tet is a special and meaningful occasion to all Vietnamese. During Tet,children wear new clothes and receive lucky money from the older after giving to them greeting Tet.

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On the eve of the New Year, this is grand occasion of family reunion. I am sure that if foreigner have a chance to visit Vietnam at Tet holiday, they will be fascinated by its feature. People buy not only clothes but also flowers to put them in front of or inside their houses. Some famous comedians play as kitchen gods reporting the highlight events of the year to the Jade Emperor in sarcastic way to bring meaningful laughs to people. A branch of peach flower or a kumquat tree cannot be absent from every home during these special days. By 00, all children and adults in the family must finishing showering, but this is not a normal way of showering like every other day of the year. Each region in Vietnam has it own customs to celebrate Tet, which are very special and unique. On contrary, in the first morning of the year, everything seems peaceful and quiet as people want to sleep longer to enjoy the moment with their cozy family. Each of flowers has special meaning which is full of health, hope, luck, prosperity, strength.
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Process Analysis Essay About Tet Holiday