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Their common Jewishness bound them together. And he will grow his church as we apply the biblical church-growth principles we see in the book of Acts. Schwartz's book "Natural Church Development" and its application to the New Testament ministry system being studied from Acts chapter 2 in this seminar. CHAT does all the work but keeps you, the church leader, in control of the process. Our bodies are to be kept clean and pure for Him. Romans This is why, for example, there is only one Saddleback Church 20, in attendance or one Willow Creek Church 36, attendance. It is encouraging to have the conclusions originally drawn only from the study of God's word confirmed statistically and scientifically by someone else's research. The Scriptures say he went back into that very town. In another city the people stoned Paul and left him for dead.

Now we ask you and urge you in the Lord Jesus to do this more and more. Do you think she cares for one minute that we don't use instruments in our worship?

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Their passion was in pleasing and serving the Lord. He was involved in the selection of Paul and Barnabas to go on this missionary journey How to live. They grew exponentially.

Areas of church growth

First, just as Paul did back in chapter 1, vv. Antioch, according to the Greek geographer Strabo, had developed into the third largest city in the Empire. He makes those in whom He lives like Himself—holy. He then distilled all of this information down to seven key character traits that all successful people he had studied shared, regardless of time or culture. He planted in their hearts the desire to go A large Jewish population resided in Antioch. First, in verse 6, because of the threatened punishment—The Lord will punish men for all such sins. CHAT Church Health Assessment Tool provides churches with an easy-to-use look at themselves that could move many congregations toward the health that Steve and, more importantly, the Spirit envisions. The key to lasting health and vitality is to stay humble and grounded. Unfortunately many church groups experiment with different styles of worship trying to get the right "mix" of elements that will attract the greatest number of people, and as a result alienate their core members who are usually the ones who do most of the work and contribute most of the funds. God has raised-up your unique church, in your unique setting for a reason.

Are you open to feedback and change? Characteristics of Growing Churches Before I describe these characteristics, I want to explain the difference between models for church growth and principles for church growth.

She handed me a bulletin and quietly answered my questions as the service moved along.

Church growth principles in the book of acts

It's biblical. Most are applying one or more of these five proven outreach principles. It was also natural for him to go there first, because the Jews were already religiously minded and Paul could easily talk about what was common between them, the Old Testament Scriptures, prophecy and the longed-for Messiah. You'll choose the open and close dates for your survey session and, on the close date, receive your CHAT report via your email inbox. This is true about worship both in the Old and New Testaments. That same year Gentile rioting in Antioch developed into a fierce persecution against the Jews. Paul himself acknowledged that preaching Christ crucified is foolishness to some and a stumbling block to others 1 Corinthians They do provide helpful information on how to improve existing ministries and manage large church groups, but rarely duplicate their success and numbers in other places.

God had taught them about this. The theological training mentioned was that which is offered at mostly liberal universities that reject the inspiration of the Bible and treat Christianity as simply one of the major religions to be studied and classified.

And so we have the kind of statement about holiness Paul makes here, where the moral implications are to the fore in the meaning of the word.

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The minister helps Christians identify and use their gifts, and this contributes to church growth more than any other activity.

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8 Universal Principles for Natural Church Growth