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The figures show a big swing sincewhen 22 percent turned to their phone first and 40 percent plumped for their laptop. Add to Your Pages. One in ten 11 percent admitted to taking a selfie at least once a week.

During4G subscriptions have leapt from 2.

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Take a moment to go back in time and envision the world that existed before the invention of these high-end phones and tablets. Currently, 3 percent of households claim to own a smartwatch , although Ofcom's research was carried out before the Apple Watch went on sale in April In 4G subscriptions stood at 2. Looking up facts and figures using a real keyboard is way more hassle-free and convenient than typing your search words using the virtual keyboard of a touch phone. On average, mobile users spent nearly two hours online each day using a smartphone in March 1 hour and 54 minutes , compared to just over an hour spent online by laptop and PC users 1 hour and nine minutes. Need to check your account balance? In addition to the survey data, this report refers to data from a range of other sources, including data provided to Ofcom by stakeholders. Advertisement Total time online has doubled in the past decade. The maps will enable users to zoom to a specific location, or simply enter a place name or postcode, and receive data on coverage for each mobile network - down to square metres. Wondering what makes these intelligent cell phones a one-stop destination for our varied needs?

Advertisement Laptops were the preferred device for 30 percent of Britons, with tablets on 19 percent up 4 percent since and desktop computers on 14 percent down 6 percent. Packing a wide gamut of cutting-edge features and functions into its compact body, the 21st century mobile phone has long overcome its one-time identity of an electronic gadget that was primarily used to store contacts, make and receive calls and send texts to firmly position itself as an unbelievably smart device that has successfully replaced and outdated many critical gadgets that were essential for the smooth functioning of our daily life and is fast replacing several others, including the bulky personal computers whose sales have remained stagnant or shown a downward trend ever since there has been an increase in the popularity and penetration of the versatile smartphones.

So it is worrying that despite this growing reliance on our smartphones, and the rise in threats facing them, recent Kaspersky Lab research found that UK consumers are still failing to adequately protect these devices.

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There are now All things considered, is saying goodbye to tablets, predominantly for younger users, as well as PCs and laptops for those outside of Europe.

For a quick update of the latest happenings, seek news apps like BuzzFeed that is designed to suit mobile platforms.

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Just a year ago, the dynamic was different, and computers were still prevalent for activities such as using Wikipedia, emails or search. The majority of online activities that were typical for the PC in the past have now been replaced or supplemented by the smartphone. The day is not far when the omnipresent smartphones will eventually become the only computer that we ever know! Actual PC usage is slipping and use cases are narrowing for the non-phone devices, especially when we consider users who own one of each device. The former age group is also the only one showing an increase in tablet usage since the last quarter of One of the biggest threats facing mobile devices is mobile malware. Time online doubles in a decade Increasing take-up of smartphones and tablets is boosting time spent online. But people overwhelmingly prefer to catch up with friends and family over a cup of tea. Adults in the UK said they sent six letters, cards or parcels in an average month, slightly down on 6. Now, return to the era of the 21st century and explore the transformed scenario that is nothing short of a paradigm shift. In the meantime, additional research by the firm notes that, as it stands, the level of distraction resulting from the use of such a device may have negative impact on sleep and personal relationships. At least one 4G mobile broadband service is now available to

The maps will enable users to zoom to a specific location, or simply enter a place name or postcode, and receive data on coverage for each mobile network - down to square metres. Fixed internet revenue growth accelerated as a result of increased fibre take-up.

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Smartphones overtake laptops in popularity