Political science as a science essay

Importance of political science

The opening paragraph set out the general ideas you were going to explore, the three following paragraphs expanded on each of those ideas, and the final paragraph wrapped up what you had said. An art is defined as the practical application of knowledge for the achievement of a particular end. Stake out a position. Conclusion: Our conclusion is that political science is indeed a science. What is crucial, though, is to organize the information and to present it in a way that buttresses the main theme of your essay. This is the regrettable way science is still often taught to students in elementary school and above; that, or as a cook-book approach to investigating the physical world, which is almost as sad. So we find that a Chinese supports communism, while an American holds the opposite view. But the field of economics is human activities in relation to consumption, production, distribution and exchange of wealth. A scientist in this branch of study observes the facts of political life, systematises and classifies them. Political science has a moral aspect which is missing in psychology. To be sure, I seek, after a fashion, to influence. For example, the execution of Al Nimr, an influential Shia scholar. It is for this reason that W. London: Palgrave. It will suffice to say in conclusion that Political Science is mainly an art.

Another strong criticism of positivism could be the generalisation of the phenomenon. Thirdly, political science is more philosophical than history.

Political science as a science essay

Thus it is history which elucidates political science. The opening paragraph set out the general ideas you were going to explore, the three following paragraphs expanded on each of those ideas, and the final paragraph wrapped up what you had said.

Origin of political science

Law is one of the subjects of the government. These legal institutions constitute jurisprudence, which is the science of law. Thomas Hobbes and Niccolo Machiavelli are the champions of that school. Keeping in tune with the changing ideas and political theories, it endeavours to improve the political institutions and organisations. By such a comparison, a student of political science can draw some generalisations about that age and discover the laws underlying them. Theory of the State: The socialist thinker H. Sociology, on the other hand, focuses its attention on tracing its origin and development of customs, manners, behaviour and institutions of mankind with special emphasis on the remote past. It is, therefore, in the fitness of things that jurisdiction comprising constitutional law and international law is a subdivision of political science. The celebrated Greek thinker Aristotle handed down his book Politics which is considered the earliest European conception of the science and art of politics. And I added for good measure that I personally favored more judicial protections rather than fewer in authoritarian polities. Although originally politics meant science and art of running government of the country, since then situation has changed so much that now-a-days it is difficult to find a home or an office where politics has not consolidated its place. Whether we accept these definitions or not, there is no denying the fact that the subject-matter as hammered home by the political scientists serve as the acceptable groundwork of political science. So political science is narrower in scope than sociology. Also, the subject might not accurately reveal what is in their mind due to different reasons, such as fear, social embarrassment and so on.

If there is any variation in it, it can be tested and explained in positive terms. While making a study of such experiments the subjective and objective conditions of a place are to be taken into consideration, of course, with some extra care.

Political Science and Ethnology: Knowledge of ethnology, which deals with the racial behaviour of various people, has some utility for the students of political science to know the racial groups of nationalities in a state.

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Your thoughts in the body of the essay should follow on logically from the points you set out in the opening paragraph.

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Essay on Whether Political Science is a Science or an Art?