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As the narrator reads, sounds from the book seemingly begin to manifest in the house. The absence of a specific description of his character allows the reader to easily identify with the narrator. And all with pearl and ruby glowing Was the fair palace door, Through which came flowing, flowing, flowing, And sparkling evermore, A troop of Echoes whose sweet duty Was but to sing, In voices of surpassing beauty, The wit and wisdom of their king.

The narrator also describes Roderick Usher's appearance as that of an "irreclaimable eater of opium. Oppressed, as I certainly was, upon the occurrence of the second and most extraordinary coincidence, by a thousand conflicting sensations, in which wonder and extreme terror were predominant, I still retained sufficient presence of mind to avoid exciting, by any observation, the sensitive nervousness of my companion.

His eyes were bent fixedly before him, and throughout his whole countenance there reigned a stony rigidity.

the fall of the house of usher summary

I dread the events of the future, not in themselves, but in their results. Poe's executor, Rufus Griswold, willfully defamed his subject, probably as Poe had wanted. Will she not be here anon?

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