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But Tidball's point is well taken in that when Jesus Christ came into the picture "…he introduced a new way of leading which was to be incumbent on all his followers, that of leading by serving, even sacrificial service' The explanations of worldview were not exhaustive or critical in their appraisal of each religion.

This is justice coupled with love.

Servant leadership in religions other than christianity

Christ's disciples were in a quandary: how can any person "…simultaneously be a leader and a servant? People should always know that their leader will listen to all their offers, complaints, problems and either will take them into account or will try to solve them. As business expands globally, authors such as Greider document labor and manufacturing practices of business in the developing world that rival egregious activities associated with Europe and the United States in the 19th century. Good servant leaders devote much time to the growth of people in the company and to the conditions of their work. In , it returned 2,, If one agreed with Pearcey , Schaeffer , , and Murphy and Ellis that the fragmentation of modern worldviews has created an unsure foundation for ethics or morality, are there implications for leadership? This brings up the question of whether or not modern philosophy is a suitable base for servant leadership. In the situational approach, humans are only to be valued if their culture or personal beliefs align with the theory. To place value on any one thing, such as the self, is to ignore the interdependence of all things. Did not your father have food and drink? Is that the case? Compared to the two previous religious traditions, Buddhism seems more compatible with servant leadership since it has an emphasis on the interrelatedness of all creation and humanity. Most people were members of small groups of friends, family, and business associates with whom they had interaction on almost a daily basis. Another effect would be the dichotomy between task and people orientation in leadership. People have certain rights that exist apart from socially constructed law.

If we take a purely situational approach, stating servant leadership can only work in certain settings and contexts, we again undermine some of the key values described in the theory. Specific character traits are isolated in Scripture as not only being pleasing to God; but beneficial to the self, the family, and the greater community.

The leaders who have power but have not led, and use the power to push his or her own viewpoints and agenda, are not the kind of leaders Greenleaf was referring to.

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In case you want to become a good servant leader, you should know the basic principles of philosophical and religious doctrines that serve the foundation for servant leadership. As pointed out earlier, Russell identified key support for servant leadership within the Judeo-Christian tradition.

When viewed in broad, sweeping language such as presented in this paper; the broad biblical worldview is compatible with personalism, servant leadership as well as many other leadership styles expressed in leadership literature.

The Biblical Basis for Servant Leadership The verse quoted most often in worldview studies is Romans Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

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