On my 18th birthday declamation piece

Everybody hates me! I can never expect such lovely gifts! I can never ever take for granted the friends I have around me.

So I didn't eat and those we are not eating has to sit on one side. Yah I know people are gonna be like: who celebrates 18th birthday one sia? Everyone respected him and my mother, oh she was so lovely that everybody admired her.

I once tweeted saying that baking a cake for me is the best gift ever inand this silly boy remembered and did so twice. So basically, I went to great lengths just for my own birthday celebration by trying to organise a party for myself at a hotel.

I really appreciate every single little thing. I'm grateful for every single thing that I have.

declamation piece about abuse

My own mother despised me and she is not proud of me! You guys made me have so much fun with all of you.

declamation piece about hatred
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My 18th birthday! ❤