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MATH 20C. Calculus on Manifolds 4 Calculus of functions of several variables, inverse function theorem. Discrete and continuous random variables: mean, variance; binomial, Poisson distributions, normal, uniform, exponential distributions, central limit theorem. Applied Algebra I 4 Introduction to algebra from a computational perspective. Pricing for students. Mathematical Methods in Physics and Engineering 4 Complex variables with applications. Moore-Penrose generalized inverse and least square problems. In recent years, topics have included formal and convergent power series, Weierstrass preparation theorem, Cartan-Ruckert theorem, analytic sets, mapping theorems, domains of holomorphy, proper holomorphic mappings, complex manifolds and modifications. Real Analysis Lebesgue integral and Lebesgue measure, Fubini theorems, functions of bounded variations, Stieltjes integral, derivatives and indefinite integrals, the spaces L and C, equi-continuous families, continuous linear functionals general measures and integrations. Laplace transformations, and applications to integral and differential equations. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors, quadratic forms, orthogonal matrices, diagonalization of symmetric matrices.

Approximation of functions. Recommended preparation: course work in linear algebra and real analysis.

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Polar coordinates. Test rules Resits If students do not pass the test, they can re-take the test a maximum of 2 times unless the university states otherwise. Further Topics in Several Complex Variables 4 Continued development of a topic in several complex variables. Elements of Complex Analysis 4 Complex numbers and functions. MATH C. Units may not be applied toward major graduation requirements. Graphing functions and relations: graphing rational functions, effects of linear changes of coordinates.

MATH 99R. Students will simplify or perform operations on signed numbers, radicals, polynomials, and expressions containing exponents; factor polynomials; solve and graph linear equations and inequalities in one variable; graph linear equations in two variables; solve related applications.

Enumeration of combinatorial structures permutations, integer partitions, set partitions.

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May be taken for credit two times with different topics. Prerequisites: MATH and or consent of instructor. Mathematical Methods in Physics and Engineering 4 Linear algebra and functional analysis.

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