Kid gloves boy meets world

He was pretty good, if he says so himself. Shawn and Cory are left kind of speechless.

boy meets world fear strikes out

Looking for Cory. It's almost time for Scuba Club so we're in the domain of all non-standard scenes, the cafeteria. Eric wakes up for no apparent reason and repeatedly tells Cory that he has a box on his forehead, but Cory will not be woken.

Kid gloves boy meets world

Unfortunately Shawn turns up. Never mind the fact that Cory was technically trespassing, since it was past school hours and he had no reason to be there. Contents [ show ] Plot Mr. She does have an awfully cute swimsuit, though. And the grilled cheese has peanut butter and jelly in it because they just weren't sure what kind of sandwich they wanted to make. It's never explained what Feeny was doing there. Downstairs, Alan is all excited for Cory to totally love him for the awesome gift. Feeny there after hours? Makes as much sense as anything else. The parents realize that this means Cory is now missing. Feeny asks if he actually learned anything at the diving class. Perhaps you recall me being completely puzzled when the audience goes crazy when Cory says that he watches Beavis and Butthead — and then being even more bewildered when the same thing happens a few episodes later. I don't know what else it could be. Feeny comes in and returns the necklace which was found in the filter of the swimming pool.

No one besides Alan and Morgan even seemed interested in the fact that it was Cory's birthday. We get some first person footage of Cory swimming, and he sees a bunch of random stuff but can't find the necklace.

Shawn catches on, unconvincingly, and says that he came over for some reason, and asks Eric what that reason might be. I dunno If memory serves, the rest of this episode stinks so let's enjoy it while we can.

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Boy Meets World episode guide and recap for episode 19, season 1