Implement person centred approaches in health

It is important to respect the individual and any beliefs that they may have.

Active listening will also encourage and develop independence as well as assertiveness. How could you manage this risk whilst still enabling choice? It is important to engage the individual and maybe appropriate to use physical as well as visual communication aids. Either full group smaller groups. Doing so encourages active participation and ensures that you are taking a person centred approach. Go through activity instructions. You should always be compassionate, understanding and empathetic and be non-judgmental, even if you do not agree on a personal level with the choices they make.

Individuality: Each person has their own identity, needs, wishes, choices, beliefs and values. In some cases it may require a more senior member of the care team to explain what is about to happen and why.

explain the importance of an assessment being person centred

Seeking others that have similar values and ideals can also be useful as being part of a group identity can encourage acceptance and promote self-esteem.

We must work in partnership with other organisations as well as own to set and enable to achieve realistic goals, and therefore encourage empowerment for individuals to gain self-esteem and gain confidence.

They should be given information in a way that they can understand so they can make informed choices.

How could you manage this risk whilst still enabling choice? Discuss to the front. What do you like about it?

If an individual does not feel valued, it can result in them not valuing themselves leading to low self-esteem.

This could be a medic, my manager or a family member. How will this consideration support Ann? Discussion to the front, or split into groups with the same colleagues and gather ideas. Choice: Each resident should be supported to make choices about their care and support. Likely to have serious implications or consequences, eg discussions about the future. Calling the person by their preferred name Adapting the service around the person where possible Treating the family as partners Building connections with the community Continuing to listen and learn with the person. Each individual will have their own way of communicating: a barrier may be that the individual is suffering from depression which can lead into the individual not being involved in their life. The desired outcome is to encourage and support people in positive risk taking to achieve personal change or growth. You should always be positive and encourage an individual take an active role in their own care and to express themselves however they wish. Doing so encourages active participation and ensures that you are taking a person centred approach. Discussion to the front: How they influence? Being aware of surroundings, own personal space and possessions. By working in this way, it allows individuals to make informed decisions and make choices. Be able to work in a person-centred way 2. The more aspects of their life that they are happy and content with, the better their well-being will be.

This must be done within the care value base whilst always ensuring the individual is safe and that they know any risks. A full risk assessment should be done and discussed with the individual so that they are fully aware of the issues.

how to implement a person centred approach
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Implement Person Centred Approaches In Health And Social Care Essay Example