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Probably a couple years ago, this was the case. To prepare myself for being an actuary, I will keep my interest in math.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format:. I need also grasp some professional knowledge about marketing, computer skills, negotiation skills, and experience of study abroad, except my basic knowledge for the job.

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I also learnt that actuaries make good professors or researchers in the areas of math, statistics, or bio-statistics; with their expertise in statistics, they could also work as statisticians, analyzing population data for Statistics Canada or public opinion polls for an upcoming election. I learnt how to prepare for being a qualified actuary and what skills to improve. A career is a broad field in which I would like to work in; unlike a job which is just a task that I am getting paid for. Marketing has more to do with identifying customer needs and developing the right products to satisfy those needs, and it reaches are public through advertising. Most nurses are given general nursing training before they are posted in a clinic or hospital. Nursing is my true passion and a career that I could obtain hear at Kaplan University is critical for success in this career. Once you are qualified, you can go to anywhere in the world with your actuarial skills.

I flourish in an environment that allows me to grow my position and gives me learning opportunities. A job that my skills are utilized to the maximum and allows me to grow within the organization.

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From the interview with Amresh, an actuary who works in the group health department of a large insurance company, l learnt that being an actuary must be able to think clearly and logically and must be hard- working and dedicated.

So I say whatever you want to be in life go for it, with the right positive influence in your life and the motivation you can do anything! I am very self-motivated so I am interested in working in an atmosphere where I can continuously learn new things and improve my skills.

Get Essay In addition, I think that the private secretary would be my ideal job through long studying and working. An environment with various sized teams of equally passionate, creative and intelligent people on projects that are both exciting and practical. I have skills of problem solving and using math or statistics to solve a complex problem.

My ideal job is — Friendly, fast paced, available to learning new things, challenging and of course opportunity for career advancement. Certainly, besides the salary, I expect to get some perks.

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