Hrm functions assignment

This helps to examine their real response and tactical knowledge. Effective trainings convey relevant and useful information that inform participants and develop skills and behaviors that can be transferred back to the workplace. The essential activities in this respect are to identify the staffs having high potential, identification of the required competencies as well as to offer experiences for learning for the development of competencies.

The employees are informed about the background of the company, explain about the organizational culture and values and work ethics and introduce to the other employees.

human resource management assignment

A number of applications are received after the advertisement is published, interviews are conducted and the right employee is selected thus recruitment and selection are yet another important area of HRM.

Their talent can be utilized not only in the company in which they are currently working but also in other companies which the employees may join in the future. Fernando, Internal planning factors are associated with needs of the organisation, demand for product and services, new product and services, new markets, changes in technology as well as profile of the workforce.

This information is collected in detail and each and every job is considered. For this, it enables to know about the concept of HRM first.

functions of human resource management

Job evaluation comprises of two stages that are job description and evaluation where in job description the HR department determines the key job aspects like responsibilities, accountability, decision-making, qualification needed etc. Farnham, Coping with change — Human resource planning is significant in coping with the changing scenarios related with the external factors in respect of the environment for HSBC Bank.

Maintaining safety and health issues at workplace ensures the value addition to the organization. Being open to evaluating our own individual performance and that of our peers and trainees indicates that we are being accountable for our own actions and the results of our actions on the other people.

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Functions of HRM