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Fix the run-on by changing the punctuation or the conjunction: Einstein declared time to be the fourth dimension, and suddenly physicists began to think of traveling in time as they thought of traveling through space. Subordinate clauses cannot stand by themselves; they require an independent clause to form a sentence. Use a period to cure this sentence. Class began the professor lectured. Solution 3: Use a coordinating conjunction. The professor lectured, students took notes. Here is a simple example of a comma splice: I completed my essay, I have not submitted it. In the independent clause I completed my essay, I is the subject, and completed is the verb. She hopes she gets the job. Prepositions Run-On Sentences A run-on sentence occurs when two or more independent clauses also known as complete sentences are connected improperly. See more examples of this on the semicolon page. This sentence is still a comma splice.

The professor lectured; students took notes. The most common form this error takes involves joining two sentences with the word however: I completed my essay, however I have not submitted it. Finally, one can add a subordinating conjunction like "because" to one of the clauses to form a complex sentence like: "Because Cory loves food, he has his own food blog.

Example of a comma splice: The results of the study were inconclusive, therefore more research needs to be done on the topic.

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Richard Nordquist is a freelance writer and former professor of English and Rhetoric who wrote college-level Grammar and Composition textbooks. A period may be your best choice for fixing a comma splice when any of the following conditions holds: 1 the logical connection between the two independent clauses is self-evident; 2 one or both of the clauses is long; or 3 the ideas represented in the two clauses are distinct. If you received a complimentary PDF to review, a review would be appreciated! Use a period. Solution 2: Use a semi-colon. Once identified, the sentence can be corrected easily. At about the same time, or probably even earlier, I remember being told in math class that we had better learn the metric system because that is what we would be using in the near future. What is this evil thing that people write?

Here is an example of a fragment with a missing subject. As an example, take the incorrect run-on sentence: "Cory loves food he has his own blog about restaurants. Join me again next week for Deadly Grammar Sin No.

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Once you are familiar with them, you can use them together to add even more variety to your writing. Fix the run-on by changing the punctuation or the conjunction: One of Wells's most famous novels was The Time Machine; it introduced Victorian society to the fascination of time travel.

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Fixing Comma Splices