Garments business plan in pakistan

Garments business plan in pakistan

Home-based tailoring business. Did I miss any idea that can be a business opportunity for a garment industry employee? If you are working or worked in past in garment manufacturing, you know that garment manufacturers make extra garments than the order quantity they get from buyers. Kids and Mom clothing products — All products range kids normally need and some regular products of the season-wise you need to change product sourcing. Mostly ready made garments can be divided into many different types that are outer clothing and under clothing. Depending on your budget, and your interest, decide the product group. A quality T-shirt costs around Rs. If the investor wants to target higher end quality conscious customers, this cost can reach around Rs. Ready made garments industry is the most demanding industry in all over the world.

Many entrepreneurs aspire for starting their own labels in some specific products. E-commerce business This one is an additional idea. For stock, the investor must have Rs. For the business promotion and online address, register a domain.

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There are some big players like Vista Print. Once the T-shirts are manufacturing, the investor then chooses how he wants to sell the stock. Sub-contracting business: In garment sub-contract manufacturing, you need to set up a garment factory. There few other e-commerce web-portals line Paytm, Shop Clues, Myntra. While planning for space requirement, consider production processes, shop floor, office areas, sample showroom, pantry, warehouse etc. You can even setup a printing business using a digital textile printer and do custom garment print services. From an investment of Rs. Bigger brands involved their team in vendor selection, while small retailers give all responsibilities of vendor selection and order sourcing to their sourcing agents. What kind of registration you need to do depend on some factor. Thus, it can be one good business opportunity in these value-added processes. You can start a small business with a capital of 5 lakhs Indian Rupees. Click on the following book cover to learn more about the book. Our extensive interaction with Women Entrepreneurs WEs at various platforms clearly indicates that lack of business management skills, information gaps and lack of networking are major impediments in the development of women led businesses in Pakistan.

To set-up a small-scale garment factory, first you need to decide the product or product group that you will be making in your factory.

You need to hire staff and bear the maintenance cost.

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You can start the garment wholesale business in your spare time. For that he should visit different areas in the metropolitan cities, meet and build relationships with retail shops and then sell the stock.

Clothing store From my observations, here is some product grouping you can consider for a clothing store.

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Instead, you can purchase garments and sale those garments on Amazon, and Flipkart.

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10 Small Business Ideas in Garment Industry