France in the american revolution essay

This 18th-century French engraving depicts the October 19,British surrender at Yorktown to allied American and French forces.

French revolution

In fact, the French Duc de Choiseul had outlined how France would restore their prestige from the Seven Years War as early as by saying the colonists would soon throw the British out, and that France and Spain had to unite and fight Britain for naval dominance. Lastly, I will be concluding this discourse by stating the relevance of its implications to this very day. The American Revolution led to freedom and also their rise to power as their own nation. The French national debt incurred during the war contributed to the fiscal crisis France experienced in the late s, and that was one factor that brought on the French Revolution. French forces under Rochambeau landed at Rhode Island in , which they fortified before linking up with Washington in John Locke believed people were reasonable and moral. The National Assembly of France signed the Declaration of the Rights of Man, a document that stated the natural rights of people and was based the Enlightenment, the American Declaration of Independence, and also from the writings of Jean- Jacques Rousseau.

Thus, the war of the American Revolution began. Peace Despite British attempts to divide France and Congress during peace negotiations, the allies remained firm—aided by a further French loan—and peace was reached in the Treaty of Paris in between Britain, France, and the United States.

The seeds for revolt were planted by the resentment at the non-inclusion at the decision making process given the fact that the Americans felt that they made significant contributions to the coffers of the British.

comparing the american and french revolutions

Aware of this news, the British dispatched a fleet from New York that arrived off the Virginia capes on the fifth of September.

Although both found the importance of individual rights, they took different paths in establishing and operating their respective governments. This war or revolution as I like to say led to the American Revolution, which later on led the French Revolution.

This movement towards the establishment of a constitutional government influenced political thought throughout the world. Instead Rochambeau and Washington would combine their forces and rapidly march to Virginia in an attempt to trap Cornwallis and his army. The War for America — The French Revolution followed in suit with the American Revolution, because the French were in favor for what the American Revolution was fighting for Revolution- A fundamental change that requires a goal that wants to be achieved, a leader or leaders follower and supporters of the cause.

They were, however, as one historian has commented, "for There are many interrelated causes for the French Revolution.

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Comparing the American and French Revolutions Essay