Ethical dillemma worksheet

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everyday moral dilemmas

After you made the promise, the most popular kid in school invites you to a swim party at his house on the same day. Your science teacher is very busy with school business and doesnt always check the reports against online copies.

In fact, another member of your senior team, with little input from you, did that section. It's starting to get old, and you no longer find his actions funny. But you don't know what to do.

You remember that when you came to school this morning, you noticed that the kid whose locker is next to yours was stuffing what looked like a laptop in his backpack. It is due in two days, and you have only a rough outline of what you are going to say.

How do you respond? You know if you're caught drinking, you will be off the basketball team and lose any hope of receiving a scholarship.

Ethical dilemmas worksheet answers

This bothers you because it would not be the truth. To safeguarding. Because you are still a technician in-training, you cant always fix the problem or supply the answers. Meanwhile, I heard from my employee that he plans to buy braces for his daughter and a new carpet for his house. What do you do? In looking back to the register, there is already a long line. One of my employees has done a tremendous job all year, so he deserves strong recognition. Though Sally believes this action is ethical, it is not legal. Do you press the button, or wait for him to press his button? How has this changed over time? Meanwhile, my boss told me that he wasn't going to give me a new opportunity in our company because he was going to give it to my fellow employee now.
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Moral Dilemmas Worksheet by ToriRuth89