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Frankena, Notre Dame and London. These reasons do not constitute a proof that there are such entities as events.

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Goodpaster ed. Google Scholar Smith, M. Google Scholar Tucker, A. If a metaphysical distinction between objects and events is granted, then a question arises as to the relation between entities in the two categories. By contrast, the claim that the distinction is purely semantic is congenial to a monist position, whether nomological e. Davidson has shown, using the work of Tarski, that the first question can be answered affirmatively. Lennon eds. Google Scholar Churchland, P. Tarski showed how we can give a compositional theory of truth for artificial languages. Thus, a finite theory of meaning can be given for a natural language; the test of its correctness is that it would generate if applied to the language in which it was formulated all the sentences of the form "'p' is true if and only if p" "'Snow is white' is true if and only if snow is white". The introduction, cross-references, and appendices emphasize the relations between the essays and explain how Davidson's views have developed. No metaphysical theory, it is said, can settle the semantics of ordinary event talk, hence there is no way of determining the truth or falsity of an event identity statement exclusively on the basis of one's metaphysical views. However, Davidson rejects that suggestion on the grounds that the sentential operator 'means that' is sensitive not only to the extensions of the terms that follow it, but also to their intensions. Schurtz et al.

Davidson himself contributed many details to such a theory, in essays on quotation, indirect discourse, and descriptions of action. Google Scholar Churchland P.

Google Scholar Feyerabend, P. Hoyningen-Huene and F. However, these asymmetries may be attenuated to the extent that objects, too, may and sometimes must be identified via reference to events. That will then allow the interpreter to construct hypotheses relating a speaker and an utterance to a particular state of affairs at a particular time.

Thus, even if construed as a structured complex, an event can be coarsely referred to insofar as its names need not be sensitive to this structure [Bennett ].

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Unique Events: The Underdetermination of Explanation