Essay on should mercy killing be legalised in india

The same principle of freedom to make healthcare decisions applies to patients with diseases that affect their quality of life in a radical way, even though these diseases do not threaten them with an immediate death.

A prospective investigation of suicide ideation, attempts, and use of mental health service among adolescents in substance abuse treatment.

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Now the Dutch turn against legalised mercy killing. The proposition offers quality of life over just mere quantity, choice on how to preserve this quality, and a way to preserve life of many people on organ donation waiting lists. Hence, euthanasia for no cure illness does not have a logical argument. The Court held that the right to life under Article 21 of the Constitution does not include the right to die 5. Symptom of mental illness: Attempts to suicide or completed suicide are commonly seen in patients suffering from depression 8 , schizophrenia 9 and substance users Four months later Diane killed herself. Human being intent on dying will find a way to die regardless whether mercy killing is legalized or not. But does legalization of active Euthanasia call for another incident?

These patients should possess an option of induced death, which must be done when they are fully conscious and eligible to make informed decisions. Saunders C.

The legal procedures for mercy killing have to contain strict rules to be followed by medical practitioners and patients deciding to die with the help of medical assistance.

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These fears have been discredited with the empirical evidence that we have provided from countries and states in which PAS is already supported. If anything, the option of PAS not only decreases the growth of the success some palliative care has been able to prevent, but it will prevent it's growth in the future as well.

Indeed it would be very "cost effective". Generally when killing is executed as an equivalent to criminal punishment, the act is considered legal. It would undermine the financing and provision of proper geriatric and palliative care: with stretched budgets euthanasia would be see as the cost-effective option.

The proposition is on the side of options and a death with dignity for citizens. They need palliative and rehabilitative care.

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Should mercy killing be legal?