Essay on my school bag for kids

short essay on my school bag for class 5

I carry it towards my school every day. This time I got it and I will take good care of my bag, so that I could use it another year too. The essay describes the importance of school bag, pack school bag neatly and school bags essentials. My bag is easy to carry.

autobiography of a school bag essay

Apart from the main pocket, the bag has three more sub pockets and two side pockets, making it more users friendly. I love my school bag. In one side pocket there a straight pocket where I keep my umbrella.

10 lines on my school bag for class 1

Inside the bag, there are two sections, which make it easy to keep the text books and note books separately. The bag is pink in colour and is big enough to hold all my books.

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Short Paragraph on My School Bag ( Words)