Effect of exercise training during lactation essay

acog guidelines for exercise during pregnancy

Exclusion criteria We excluded studies that had before-after study designs, or were cohort and cross-sectional studies.

Breastfeeding is recommended for all infants in the United States under ordinary circumstances. Perception of insufficient milk and work outside the home were cited as common reasons for premature weaning or not breast-feeding exclusively [ 1011 ].

We performed subgroup analyses based on the types of counseling. The terms maternal health and infant health were interpreted in a broad sense. If weight training, choose low weights and medium to high repetitions — avoid lifting heavy weights altogether.

On average, breastfed infants gain weight more slowly than those fed formula after the first 2 to 3 months.

Review of literature related to postnatal exercise

Of these six studies, two found increased, 20 , 37 three found decreased, 40 , 42 , 43 and one found no differences 28 in birth weight associated with maternal exercise. Public Health Service, U. Strength was that they gave them specific training program that they can do from home. Finally, resolution of the conflicting findings concerning the impact of maternal protein intake on milk volume would be desirable. Discourage intake of large quantities of coffee, other caffeine-containing beverages and medications, and decaffeinated coffee. The effect of interventions on the rates of predominant and partial breastfeeding were non-significant. Public policy on this issue has ranged from the Centers for Disease Control's recommendation not to breastfeed under these circumstances to the World Health Organization's encouragement to breastfeed, especially among women in developing countries. Subgroup analyses were also conducted based on the country in which the intervention took place. The average rate of weight loss is 0. Federal agencies have set specific objectives to increase the incidence and duration of breastfeeding DHHS, , , and the Surgeon General has held workshops on breastfeeding and human lactation DHHS, ,

Mosby, St. Breastfeeding practices that are responsive to the infant's natural appetite should be promoted.

Reduce your level of exercise on hot or humid days. Body morphometry ie, circumferences at birth can also be utilized as an indicator of fetal growth during gestation.

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Effect of Exercise Training During Lactation Essay Example