Difference between vietnamese culture and american culture

On the other hand, Vietnamese people pay a lot of attention to body language in conversations such as posture, touching, eye-contact, etc. Are you a Westerner in Vietnam? Food is put in individual plates or on the table.

Cross cultural communication between vietnam and america

People can walk in the streets with bare feet. They tend to pass the whole plate of food around The food is put on the table and individuals take piece by piece. Cooking and Eating 1. For Vietnamese, there is no definition of splitting up the bill as American. Vietnamese sometimes make noise in appreciating good food, especially soup Grocery is bought once a week 3. The way people greet is discreet and respectful. Have you ever seen 5 dudes sitting in miniature plastic chairs on the sidewalk eating takeout and belting karaoke? This date varies from year to year, between January 15 and Feb. After all, differences and similarities reveal the significance as well as the aspect in cultural life of each nation.

Women eat equally like men in quantity. Or, acquire a taste for bubble tea. Meat is cooked in big pieces, they cut it during eating. Shoes and slippers are used day and night Slippers do not exist.

Vietnamese vs american customs

Unlike the friendliness of American, Vietnamese greetings are really formal. Usually, there is not a lot of personal space as in the United States. The parents get food for their kids using their chopsticks, not by passing the whole plate Before there were very few Vietnamese living in the United States. For Vietnamese people, constant eye-contact could be considered rude and uncomfortable. It reflects mostly in the United States where different ethnics such as Asian, Latino, European, etc, come with different manners along with its own culture. Every morning for an entire week, my 6 am wake up call came in through my window on full blast. This date varies from year to year, between January 15 and Feb.

There are surely a lot of differences between Vietnam, a traditional country with a high standard in the manner, and the United States, an open-minded country. The way people greet is discreet and respectful.

compare the family structures and values in the us to those in vietnam
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