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There will be a plaza between the light rail platforms and Chestnut Place, which will feature a canopy to provide shade. Fiscal Year Closed: FY Project Description: The project is a public-private partnership P3 development venture located on approximately 50 acres in lower downtown Denver, Colorado, which includes the historic Denver Union Station building excluding renovation of the building itselfrail lines, vacant parcels, street rights-of-way, and offsite trackage rights.

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In addition to the DUS opportunity, Continuum provided guidance and advice on other CTI projects, lending experience and perspective to their projects and growing the development expertise within their organization. On Friday, May 9, members of the public can join us to celebrate this first of some major milestones set for Denver's new multimodal hub. In order to provide certainty of local funds to match project expenditures, USNC provided financial guarantees for the acquisition of the first three development sites. The DDA portion of the debt will be retired by , nearly 10 years ahead of schedule. Terrazzo is laid similarly to concrete and after a good buffing to get rid of lumps and bumps, shiny lacquer is applied to make it shine. The transit district will serve as a regional multimodal hub connecting commuter rail, light rail and bus rapid transit, regularly scheduled bus service, and others including: Construction of light rail and commuter rail stations A regional bus facility Extension of the 16th Street Mall and the Shuttle service Accommodation of the Downtown Circulator service Pedestrian improvements as well as improved street, replacement parking and utility infrastructure. Ultimately, USNC and its development partner divided the acquisitions and development of the six development parcels that were required to be transacted by USNC affiliates. Follow this link for all of the details. The RTD will assist in the construction of facilities, which it will own and operate once the project is completed, scheduled for Upon completion, it will be able to accommodate 10, people an hour and will be the gateway to the Mile-High City. Photos: Union Station's transformation The Union Station bus concourse construction is in its very final stages, including the installation of way finding signs, and RTD is currently working with the contractor on an extensive inspection process. In total, there were six development parcels that were required to transact to ensure the success of Denver Union Station.

Both plans called for maintaining a waiting area for transit and spaces for Amtrak, the creation of retail spaces, and integrating the interior spaces with the public plazas facing the station. Photo credit: Ellen Jasko RTD and its partners are turning Union Station into an extensive transportation hub that will feature locally owned restaurants, shops and the Crawford Hotel.

As part of RTD's commitment to sustainability, these skylights will reduce the amount of electrical output needed to light up the bus facility.

See details below. Taylor of Kansas City was hired to develop the plans and the station opened in May A master plan was developed in that envisioned both the building and surrounding The project will continue to promote livability and provide environmental, social, and economic benefits to the Denver region as it adds commuter rail and an expanded bus facility inbolstering the mentioned benefits.

State-owned Amtrak provides inter-city passenger services in the US. See the video they shot and details of their adventure by following the link. As a result of growing passenger service, the Mizpah Arch in front of the station was deemed a traffic hazard and was torn down in It also includes the construction of 18 miles of bus rapid transit service and the addition of 21, new parking spaces.

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The redevelopment and preservation project is a year FasTrack programme, which aims to convert the station into a multimodal transportation hub serving different modes of transport and connecting various parts of the city to one central location.

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