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We are getting good storytellers coming in Hindi as well. But as destiny would have it, the government had issued a directive to AIR to begin cricket commentary in Hindi and the deadline was immediate. Have a look at these charts of viewership data from the two series: These numbers should not really be surprising.

Kamaal kar dala, Junior Dala.

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Star Sports also plans to launch a Kannada sports channel soon. But what about substance? Star Sports agreed that the English feed tends to be more neutral or balanced than its regional ones, saying it was a deliberate tactic.

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Today, Doshi also does TV commentary and is perhaps the only Hindi cricket commentator to have covered nine world cup matches so far. The sub-optimal Hindi commentary that had been available on Indian television for years had created a perception that the language was a downgrade, or a step-child of the English variant.

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It was a big blow to my tender heart. The ball-by-ball account from the field was not literal as the new breed of TV commentators often resorts to. Besides a thorough knowledge of the game, the commentators were required to have a knack for storytelling. Give it to them and allow them to reject it. We are getting good storytellers coming in Hindi as well. After conducting a qualitative and quantitative research at the time, Star concluded that cricket was losing traction because television penetration was growing in India. Play However, there was a major challenge lying ahead. According to the Census, Doshi had realized that there was no use in just translating the cricketing terms in Hindi. But what about substance? We would love to include it in our memory bank. Even before the Hindi channel was launched, Star had roped in Australian cricket legend Shane Warne to do a promo regarding Hindi commentary being available for the marquee India-England Test series in late Late to the party Come to think of it, Indian sports networks have been quite late in realising the potential of Hindi commentary.

But at that time, all I cared was to get a look at the players even from afar.

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