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A great choice for people who like to revise things to keep their writing skills in a good shape. Identify the characteristics of a project related to size and duration. A lot of examples provided by the author make this book really easy to follow.

Contact us for upcoming course dates, pricing and details at seminars www. ACS Distance Education This education portal offers several online courses for technical writers on tech writing and editing. Participants can choose to receive a paper-based certificate of completion at the end of this course from an Accredited University.

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Alred The following book will work for any technical writer. The information provided by JoAnn T. While years ago, anyone with a fairly decent command of the English language could enter this field, the hi-tech industry as a whole is far more sophisticated today and the requirements for entry-level writers has risen considerably.

Hackos, a famous project management consultant to a lot of big corporations, will be useful specifically for team leads and project managers. It is a good read for both beginners and pros as it can really provide some valuable insights as far as the tech writing process is concerned.

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Now available for everyone, everywhere. Stephanie Burgess, Trainer Capital One UK Overview All too often, technical writing is dense and unintelligible, full of jargon, graphs and process charts making it incomprehensible to all but the most expert readers.

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Author, host and deliver documentation across platforms and devices Download Free Ebook Want to become a better professional? The series includes such online programs as: Advanced Technical Writing - a course for those who want to take on advanced tasks; Check out the full list of programs here. Alred The following book will work for any technical writer. How to formulate procedures, effectively write introductions, what belongs in a document and what does not, how to present information, etc. Check out the available online courses here. The language of this book is smart and easy at the same time. Attending a Technical Writing course will give you the knowledge and skills to produce technical documents that get read — and understood. Hackos This is a book for experienced technical writers. Many technical communicators can step into a project manager role using these highly transferable, existing skills. Top Online Technical Writing Courses Udemy At the moment, this huge learning portal offers 15 possible options for technical writers willing to improve their skills. Objectives Objectives: At the completion of this course, the student will be able to: Articulate the definitions of technical communication and project and program management. Its creator promises to help you become more profitable and successful. Contact us for upcoming course dates, pricing and details at seminars www.

Learning the tools you need to take these documents online: We will focus on the theory and the practice of creating online help and single-sourcing with RoboHelp intro to Flare. We decided to include Coursera in our list anyway just because you would probably go there in search of courses for tech writers as it is kind of a popular place for online education.

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