Core concepts of marketing for the travel and tourism industry

The information basically help in the creating a value for the product which offer varied features and an edge over competitors Pomering et al, The consumer market are divided into different segments by keeping the customers lifestyle, needs, social class, personality etc.

As a marketing executive, I would try to find out that how the feeding, playing areas for the kids should handle. The environment keep changing which means the business activities has to be constantly monitored all the time so that the impact of business can be ascertained. Buckley, R.

This information system will gives the power to store and use data to develop sustainable plan for summer holiday in Morocco and Egypt.

tourism and travel services marketing

Market segmentation strategy of marketing divides the customers into groups based on common factors. H If the data is compiled at one place without any purpose or motive, then the research has a limited value which can further hinder the growth of the business.

It is the heart of the marketing mix Kim, Wei, and Ruys, A service exists only at the moment or during the period in which a person is engaged and immersed in the experience. Market research is helpful for analyzing and forecasting the conditions about the places that will support to improve the effectiveness of holiday plan in terms of security, use of resources and prior booking of services like food and accommodation that best suit the needs of customers.

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Marketing in Travel & Tourism: Concepts and Principles