Childrens fitness center business plan

Childrens fitness center business plan

It will enable them to be more than willing to build the business with us and help deliver our set goals and achieve all our business aims and objectives. For safety, children must be accompanied by an adult in order to be admitted and adults are not permitted to enter without a child. In addition, security wristbands will be issued to each person upon entering to ensure the child's safety and prohibit stranger abduction of children. The money will be needed in equal monthly installments commencing three months prior to opening and will be repaid in a steady manner from available operating cash flows. They will help you design a playground that attracts customers and keeps them coming back. If you do not already own a business you will need to register your business with the playground name and get a tax identification number. The truth is that all we do will be geared towards creating new market channels, increasing sales and increase our market share. According to a Center for Disease Control and Prevention study, the obesity rate in children has more than doubled in the past three decades. Furthermore, parents want an environment for their children to play without harsh language and an arcade atmosphere. Schedule days for cleaning as germs can build up quickly in play areas, and immediately replace or repair anything that is broken, loose or damaged. We have determined an excellent location using demographics, and our aggressive marketing program will ensure the desired results. Kid's World will be able to immediately fill this void in the market by providing extensive recreation, entertainment, and restaurant facilities for children to play in and explore. Think of ways you can incorporate a common theme, or include a company logo on the equipment. Within five miles of this location, census data indicates there are 23, children under the age of The Customer Need and the Target Customer With the recent concerns over child safety on outdoor playground equipment, many schools have elected to remove their playground equipment entirely.

Furthermore, parents want an environment for their children to play without harsh language and an arcade atmosphere. The advertising and promotion campaign will be funded through operating cash flows and will build upon the close proximity of the store to the corporate location.

Our sales representatives are pleased to guide you from design to installation to make sure the equipment will be fun for your audience and all-inclusive.

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We will therefore make sure to post flyers and advertisements where this group can see them. Local television advertising has been found to be very effective in reaching the target market segment of children 13 and under, so we will focus our efforts here. Research To find a gym that connects with children in a unique and innovative way, you need to understand what kids are interested in and what they find fun. Brian is a former real estate agent, a father of four, and has over seven years of experience in the child care industry. Also, parents realize the importance of physical activity in childhood. Advertise in print and online: Place ads and coupons in local papers and magazines, as well as via online sources, to make sure you reach as many people as you can. Use your research to determine what has been done and what appeals to the kids you are targeting. The last group of people are religious organizations. Down the street is another gym. Our unique selling proposition is that we are well positioned and people can easily access our facility, our prices are affordable and we have a complete package for families, schools and religious organizations. Starting an Indoor Playground: Market Research and Location The goal of your market research will be to discover valuable customer information, such as how many children are in your area, and how much demand exists for an indoor playground. Toys: Incorporate toys and activities that kids love, like tunnels, trampolines, swings, inflatable bouncers, blocks, climbing structures, bright interactive games , playhouses and innovative musical equipment. For family celebrations, Kid's World will offer three birthday packages for parties of 8 of more, consisting of a two hour limited time of play, birthday cake and ice cream, free game tokens, and, depending on the type of package, pizza or hot dogs, party favors for the guests, and a special gift for the birthday child.

Even non-active hobbies can lead to inspiration for the fitness center. The franchisor will assist in the preparation of initial advertising and scheduling of promotions. For example, if you plan to serve food at your indoor playground, you may need a specific license for food-handling.

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Gymboree, on the other hand, has foam slides, boats, and other fun stuff for the kids. In addition, Kid's World will have a merchandise counter with small souvenirs emblazoned with the Kid's World logo such as T-shirts, sweaters, and hats.

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Currently, there are no other indoor children playgrounds in the Western Detroit area. Other Businesses: A relationship with the other businesses in town that cater to birthday parties Party Store, Special Occasions, pizza restaurants would be established to try and promote traffic to the facility. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. Focus on Target Markets We need to focus our offerings on the young family who want a place outside the home to have fun, relax, and experience top quality play equipment services. Getting Started — Business Licenses Needed to Start an Indoor Playground Before you install a playground, you need to know what business licenses you need according to your state laws. Set yourself apart from competitors: Say you own a health and fitness center. All investor capital will be held in escrow until the project is totally funded. Both play areas have soft indoor playpark equipment with extensive padding and no sharp edges. If you need a site, make it a priority to set one up. A custom playground is an easy way to advertise your brand and build customer loyalty.

The 2 other factors in our competitive edge are: Location: Best location of any child type activity center -- At the intersection of Interstate Highways 2 and 71 in the prime business district of the area. The indoor playground industry is relatively new.

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Are you ready to launch an indoor playground business? At Soft Play we have the tools, knowledge and industry expertise to make your playground a success. Kid's World will target children aged 13 and under within a 25 minute drive of Western Livonia, comprising aboutpeople of which at least 49, are under the age of Find a Theme Finding a fresh angle for your child-orientated fitness center is the most important and most challenging aspect of launching the business.

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