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Making their sandwiches means that they have the freedom to 2 Page choose anything they like among the fillings.

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Decide if the venture will be an independent fast food establishment, gourmet burger restaurant, burger delivery joint or another model. When we first open, we plan to create a local press release, run grand opening specials to draw in potential customers, and even invite local food bloggers to come try a free meal in exchange for a review.

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We at Star Burger hired a business consultant to do this analysis for us because we believe an external firm will not compromise the information and chances of Star Burger in the Industry. Management intends to differentiate itself by operating in a burger stand capacity while serving the freshest quality products. Here are the payment options that we will make available to our clients; Payment by cash Payment via Point of Sale POS Machine Payment via online bank transfer online payment portal Payment via Mobile money We have also chosen banking platforms that will help us achieve our plans with little or no issues. We have also obtained the needed permits for construction and we are also expecting an inspection from the health department. Market Research and Analysis A. Everything will be according to the customers preferences. Identify the voids in the burger market and ascertain ways that your burger enterprise can fill those. Later, our effort will be a further development of more retail outlets in the surrounding area. The internet is a powerful marketing tool we at Star Burger cannot afford to overlook. Profitability will be reached by the end of year two. We want our customers to have the total experience when visiting our outlet s and website as they will learn about this fascinating new "pop culture. International flavours are hot and growing, and the burger is the perfect vehicle to test drive and transport many flavours. Begin the hiring process when you secure the location. We believe that a school fundraising program or our other charity programs will generate a fair amount of publicity on its own and will, perhaps, minimize—or even eliminate—the need for a publicist.

Statement of Mission, Vision and Goals Mission Bundesal is a committed team of talented individuals that aims to offer the highest and superior quality of breads that meets the complete satisfaction of every customer at a very affordable price.

The internet is a powerful marketing tool we at Star Burger cannot afford to overlook.

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Star Burger will also establish good business relationships with schools, charities and corporations to provide significant free publicity because of our community support program. Management intends to differentiate itself by operating in a burger stand capacity while serving the freshest quality products. Need actual charts? Chief Financial officer Tasked with preparing financial reports, budgets, and financial statements for the organization Provides managements with financial analyses, development budgets, and accounting reports Tasked with financial forecasting and risks analysis Performs cash management, general ledger accounting, and financial reporting Tasked with developing and managing financial systems and policies Tasked with administering payrolls Ensures compliance with taxation legislation Handles all financial transactions for the organization Serves as internal auditor for the organization Chief Information officer Provide technological guidance within an organization. Use your research findings and analysis to write a business plan for the burger business. Our management have been able to develop window sales techniques such as our sellers asking if the customer would like a new flavour or toppings with any drink of their choice. But with our unique workforce and plans, we have all it takes to dominate the industry and take up enough market share. Pita bread, Middle Eastern flat bread, is used as a healthy, tasty foundation for a variety of sandwiches. Oversee Internet and computer operations.

Deploy a second and a third mobile unit within our second fiscal year. Everything will be according to the customers preferences. This will include high school and college campuses, where there is limited time between classes, and corporate campuses where the same time constraints are involved like special events—such as carnivals, fairs or festivals—where there is an admission price to enter the gate, but exiting would mean another admission fee, or where refreshments are an integral part of the festivities.

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A Sample Burger Restaurant Business Plan Template