Beuaty and the beast

beauty and the beast cast 1991

Haydn Gwynne as Clothildea fishmonger and resident of Villeneuve who is later revealed to be Cogsworth's wife. The Beast agrees to let her take Maurice's place.

Beuaty and the beast

After screening a mostly animated version of the "Be Our Guest" sequence, story artist Bruce Woodside suggested that the objects should be singing the song to Belle rather than her father. To punish the prince for his lack of compassion, the enchantress metamorphoses him into a beast and his servants into household objects.

Scott of The New York Times praised the performances of both Watson and Stevens, and wrote: "It looks good, moves gracefully and leaves a clean and invigorating aftertaste.

A few months after starting anew, Purdum resigned as director. Will Finn served as the supervising animator for Cogsworth. As Belle tearfully professes her love to the Beast, Agathe reveals herself as the enchantress and undoes the curse, repairing the crumbling castle, and restoring the Beast's and servants' human forms and the villagers' memories.

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