An overview of the nomads and the history of marine science

Most Bajo individuals lie close to populations from Sulawesi, such as the Bugis and Mandar. Population admixture Admixture scenarios are determined from statistically complex models that rely a priori on the algorithms, and their assumptions, implemented in each program.

The Bajau people are able to dive tens of metres underwater with no conventional diving aids. Geography, and interactions with local groups, are therefore dominant features in the development of Bajo genetic diversity. Underwater, the Bajau are as comfortable as most people are on land. Figure 2 PCAs of the three Bajo communities Kendari, blue; Kotabaru, green; Derawan, red based onSNPs, showing independent clustering and limited overlap between individuals from different Bajo communities.

bajau map

It may well be. New York: Academic Press. Melissa Ilardo The Bajau people of Southeast Asia are among the most accomplished divers in the world.

bajau sea gypsy
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Bajau People: The Far Eastern "Sea Nomads" Unlike Other Humans