An introduction to the issue of greenhouse effect in todays society

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Shugart, M. Schlesinger and J. Schilling, E.

An introduction to the issue of greenhouse effect in todays society

In addition, more energy efficient factories mean reduced energy costs for manufacturing and thus greater long-term product competitiveness against foreign producers 11, 12a. Reproduced, with permission, from: Schneider, S.

There are nuclear plants licensed to operate in the United States, but the technology became uneconomic in the early 70's and the accident at Three Mile Island in raised safety concerns that have not receded.

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Extreme Effects One of the chief concerns about an increase in the greenhouse effect is that the changes can become self-sustaining. Bryan et al. Moreover, the s appear to be the warmest decade on record; ,, and were the warmest years on these records 5 , 6. In extreme form, some believe in adaptation without attempting to mitigate or to prevent the changes in advance. They suggest that various nations would be assigned polluting rights to keep CO2 emissions below some agreed global standard. Let's find out about the main consequences of this phenomenon: Thawing of glacial masses Glacial retreat also has its own consequences: reduced albedo — the percentage of solar radiation that the earth's surface reflects or returns to the atmosphere —, a global rise in sea level and the release of large methane columns are only some of them, however, they are all dramatic for the planet. The faster the climate is forced to change, the more likely there will be unexpected surprises lurking Schneider, Eds. Then, the important task becomes validating these semiempirical parameterizations because at some scale, all models, no matter how high resolution, must treat subgrid-scale processes through parameterization. Mass Audubon Climate Action The Impact of Greenhouse Gases Greenhouse gas concentrations have increased rapidly, and human activities are the primary cause.

Although some identical instrumental records were used in each study, the methods of analysis were different. However, reductions in emissions of fossil fuels, especially coal, will certainly reduce acid rain, limit negative health effects in crowded areas from air pollution, and lower dependence on foreign sources of fuel, especially oil.

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The Importance of the Greenhouse Effect