An ideal family relationship

Next, the world where a husband loves his wife as God and a wife loves and respects her husband as God is the Kingdom of Heaven of the ideal family. Everything is to enter a world bigger than itself.

These are indeed awesome tasks.

building strong family relationships

To establish one family where God's love can blossom centering upon three generations of human love is the long-cherished wish of the world, humankind and the future. And in the position of subject, you are to be one with your horizontal surroundings.

What makes a good family relationship

They struggle to make ends meet. If such love relationships are extended to the society, nation and world, this world will be full of peace and love, instead of crime and war; that is the Kingdom of Heaven, the ideal world of God. Then what will happen when relatives and a family become one? Paradise is the place to which people go separately, discarding the intimacy of "husband and wife" or "parent and child. That's why Jesus is in Paradise, not in the Kingdom of Heaven. Another program from that era was Leave It to Beaver. They should love each other the same as their father loves their mother. How much have you loved your husband? Unless we establish the standard of restoring a family, we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Then what decides happiness? Do you want a household with many younger brothers and sisters? When a mother loves her child, and a child loves its mother, the father won't say, "Don't love the son whom 1 love.

They desire to receive ideal wives. An example is the very old television program from the 's called Father Knows Best. If you cannot love the world due to the great distance between yourself and the world, you are to love your nation, tribe, family and parents, because parents represent God, a couple represents Adam and Eve, and the children represent the whole of humankind.

They are the beings existing the closest to you; they are the resultant beings of the Absolute, who is related to the dominion of love and the absolute ideal, and they are the beings who can make a definite relationship with you.

Specifically, I am thinking of the portrait of family life that is communicated to people of all ages who view these programs and movies. There, we transcend nationality.

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The "Perfect" Family