An argument in favor of letting teachers have a four day workweek

Share via Email Results in Colorado schools rose when pupils had an extra free day every week. Waldren and R. To work overtime is ultimately to scab on ourselves, and to scab on the unemployed. The idea of students only coming in four days a week rings alarm bells for many who fear a drop in academic performance.

Thus we see construction workers facing massive unemployment at the same time that hundreds of thousands are without housing, and streets and other infrastructure are falling apart.

Instead much of our productivity has gone to hire a host of supervisors and other non-productive workers, and to soaring profits. We are compelled to rent a major portion of our waking hours to the bosses for their purposes in order to buy back the things we produce and need so that we can live our lives and have a little fun.

We see industries where the bulk of productive capacity has been mothballed, and others which no one could properly term productive going full steam because that's where the money is.

More productivity innovations.

Benefits of having a 4 day school week

Under the notion of work sharing, companies can fill open hours with new employees, employing multiple workers to fill standard one-person slots. To scheme for concessions and favors from it, as an institution, is to cherish a delusion. But overtime makes poor labor economics; like speed-ups, overtime inevitably leads to lay-offs and less income. At Hormel Meatpacking's Austin, Minnesota, plant workers found that a new high-tech line led to horrendous injury rates more than twice the industry average as workers struggled to keep up with faster line speeds. The most glaring drawback for employers is the costly risk that workers fail to meet their work requirements. In the early s, the bosses continued layingoff workers even as they piled on the overtime. McGaughey, like most unionists who have spoken in recent years of the need for a shorter work week, believes that shorter hours should be fought for in the political arena - that workers should mobilize to persuade the government to adopt laws mandating shorter hours. So why should we bear the costs, while the bosses reap the profits? To construct and develop an instrumentality by which the workers in the industries can assert and advance their interests Often, temps go into work not knowing how many hours they will work that day, or whether they'll have a job the next. Further, students who are food insecure may not have access to sufficient meals during the off day.

Similar contrasts between unmet needs and unused productive capacity could be cited in virtually any sphere except military production of the economy.

InLeeds England gas workers won a reduction of the workday from 12 to 8 hours, but soon complained that the employers "tried to put such a frightful amount of work upon them the workmen as would make them beg for the twelve hours day again.

An argument in favor of letting teachers have a four day workweek

A number of factors cause unemployment - some, such as economic recessions and depressions and so-called overproduction, are cyclical. Although workload still needs to be given serious thought, a four-day week could be a step in the right direction for teachers and, the evidence suggests, for their students too. One week a temp might be ordered to put in 60 or 80 hours, the next week they might not work at all. To work overtime is ultimately to scab on ourselves, and to scab on the unemployed. When a corporate executive "needs" to boost his company's stock price, the first thing he does is put out a press release announcing that the company will ax thousands of workers. Most states allow districts to opt into a four-day week, either through flexible requirements, explicit administrative rules, or a waiver approval process. Brill's estimate takes into account substantial undercounting of poor people by the U. As reported, with the benefit of an extra free day, employees were exceptionally motivated to meet productivity requirements. The most important reason to fight for shorter hours is quite simple: Our time is our life. Senate even passed a hour law, though it was defeated in the House ; in the head of the New York Central Labor Council urged unions to campaign for a 4-hour day; but today the business unions won't campaign even for a hour week.

Average overtime increased from 2. The four-day school week for students in Colorado was introduced as a cost-saving measure, and the improvements in academic results were the opposite of what had been anticipated, Walker explains. There is a great deal of evidence that unemployment is substantially higher than the official statistics indicate, including.

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