A look at the original intentions of the internet and its use as a mass medium

impact of internet on mass communication

Adoption of computers in U. Brook,p. In this effort to examine environmental factors affecting readership, a study Lazarsfeld and Wyant, compared the circulation of 25 leading magazines in 90 U.

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West Orange, N. The encyclopedia of American journalism. Rice editor. Beam, Internet penetration at 60 percent, 63 million Americans are averaging nearly three hours per week surfing the Web, staying an average of about one minute per page Netratings, The idea of using the Internet for entertainment and commercial use was outrageous to the current users of the technology, and when listservs began posting advertisements, they did not respond well. Tebbel, Ames: Iowa State University Press. The Internet offers a chance to develop and to refine that theory.

Studying the network of users of any given Internet service can incorporate the concept of interactivity and the interchangeability of message producers and receivers.

So even with all the excitement generated by the explosive growth of the Internet and its exciting capabilities, history shows us that old media continue to survive and prosper — somehow. In Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia. And while specific types and segments have and will continue to be negatively affected by new media, as a whole, and over a lengthy period, old media have found ways to survive in the presence of new media.

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InKnight Ridder was the second largest newspaper publishing company in North America by circulation.

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Internet: The Newest Mass Medium Essays