A discussion about the medical necessity for the legal use of marijuana

Ethically speaking, denying physicians the right to prescribe a therapy that relieves pain and suffering to their patients is a violation of the physician-patient relationship.

According to bioethicist William Stempsey, M.

why medical marijuanas should be legal articles

A more pure form of smoked marijuana i. Although significant numbers of people in the survey did use soft and hard drugs, this was linked with personal characteristics and a predilection to experimentation [ 81 ].

Marijuana may also induce manic episodes and increase rapid cycling between manic and depressive moods in patients with bipolar disorder, but it is not fully understood if marijuana users are at an increased risk of developing bipolar disorder.

A discussion about the medical necessity for the legal use of marijuana

The two effects happen simultaneously and independently. The NORML Foundation's Legal Director is available to answer general questions about the defense and to assist legal counsel in various aspects of preparing the defense, including briefing, legal research, and locating expert witnesses. MMDS will market the patch under the name Tetracan, and is hopeful that the patch will be available at dispensaries in approved states across the US by the end of City of Anaheim that the City has the legal right to ban all medical marijuana dispensaries within the boundaries of the City. To make an informed decision about their treatment, patients have the right to expect full disclosure and discussion of all available treatment options from their physicians. A Gallup poll of Americans has shown significant support for making marijuana legally available for doctors to prescribe for patients. For example, in Washington v. Smoked marijuana was believed to be more effective than oral Marinol by the respondents. If FDA regulation is present in medical marijuana production, the THC concentration and concentration of other hazardous compounds in marijuana can be controlled, thus reducing the harmful effects that impact the health of numerous patients. A major criticism of alternative therapies like medical marijuana is they have not been scientifically tested, leading many to question their safety and efficacy [ 1 ].

Congress, in enacting the CSA, recognized that although many controlled substances have a beneficial medical purpose, such purpose does not outweigh the important societal concern of conquering drug abuse and the legitimate and illegitimate trafficking of controlled substances. Marijuana's use as an herbal remedy before the 20th century is well documented.

Why medical marijuanas should be legal

The legalization of medical marijuana invokes various fields of law. Finally, marijuana can also be contaminated by microorganisms and fungi, which can cause possible infections by pathogenic organisms. Further complicating this legal quagmire of state versus federal rights concerning the legalization of medical marijuana is that in October , Attorney General Eric Holder issued a memorandum that the Department of Justice would stop enforcing the federal marijuana ban under the CSA against people who act in compliance with state medical marijuana laws. Under such circumstances, the evil brought about from violating the law is deemed to be less than the evil which would have resulted from literal compliance with the law. Sep 19, In addition, the plant contains many other compounds including about 60 cannabinoids that may produce some additional benefits [ 42 ]. The major concern of the Arizona proposition was that it allowed physicians to prescribe any Schedule I drug. A more recent state to approve medical marijuana was New Jersey in MMDS will market the patch under the name Tetracan, and is hopeful that the patch will be available at dispensaries in approved states across the US by the end of One such study of more than 50, young Swedish soldiers found that those who had smoked marijuana at least once were more than twice as likely to develop schizophrenia as those nonsmokers. This problem is therefore two-fold, with medical and legal aspects. Five months after the referendum was passed, it was stalled whenArizona legislators voted that all prescription medications must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and marijuana is not so approved. Thomas J. The poll found that seventy percent of Americans are in favor, as negative feelings continue to decline [ 89 ].

As of Mayletters have been sent to governors in Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington, which has made some states like Rhode Island, Montana and Washington revise or shift away from their plans to make a more mainstream medical marijuana industry.

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Medical marijuana: Medical necessity versus political agenda