A biography of maria montessori an italian physician and educator

She also observed a strong tendency in the children to order their own environment, straightening tables and shelves and ordering materials.

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Over time, she saw a spontaneous self-discipline emerge. Through her efforts and the work of her followers, Montessori education was adopted worldwide. Montessori reported that she found the schools in America faithful to her methods, and considered the trip an overwhelming success.

Many Montessori schools, if not most, incorporate community-based service learning programs in their curriculum. By the Nazis had closed of all the Montessori schools in Germany, with Mussolini doing the same in Italy. She faced prejudice from her male colleagues and had to work alone on dissections since these were not allowed to be done in mixed classes.

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With the outbreak of war, as Italian citizens, Mario was interned and Maria put under house arrest. By this time Montessori had given up her other commitments to devote herself entirely to spreading the approach she had developed. With parents out at work all day, the younger children wreaked havoc on the newly-completed buildings. Much of her work there was with the poor, and particularly with their children. Activities for the children included personal care such as dressing and undressing, care of the environment such as dusting and sweeping, and caring for the garden. The rooms were set up like a house, with the then-revolutionary idea of child-sized furniture. A strong bond was nevertheless created, and in later years he collaborated and travelled with his mother, continuing her work after her death. She studied theoretical and moral philosophy, the history of philosophy, and psychology as such, but she did not graduate. Official support was withdrawn from her programs. Quoted in Kramer, p.

She initially intended to pursue the study of engineering upon graduation, an unusual aspiration for a woman in her time and place. She saw different characteristics, learning modes, and developmental imperatives active in each of these planes, and called for educational approaches specific to each period.

During this time aroundDr.

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The essential elements of her educational theory emerged from this work, described in The Montessori Method in and in The Discovery of the Child in During the time Montessori was born, Italy was going through major changes. Education for peace and social justice remains an integral part of Montessori education. In the Italian government afforded her that opportunity. Free games. In , the first Montessori school opened in the United States. These courses led to the book The Absorbent Mind, in which Montessori described the development of the child from birth onwards and presented the concept of the Four Planes of Development. Montessori's major works are given here in order of their first publication, with significant revisions and translations. The work in progress will operate with a primae facie Thomas, G. Maria Montessori pursued her ideals in turbulent times. Montessori died on May 6, , in Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands. I compared significant events in her career to the analysis phase

But she could do little to avoid being ensnared in world events. In her medical practice, her clinical observations led her to She resorted to smoking tobacco to mask the offensive odor of formaldehyde. Many of Dr.

Four- and five-year-old children engaged spontaneously with the materials and quickly gained a proficiency in writing and reading far beyond what was expected for their age.

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Biography of Dr Maria Montessori