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Athletic events, dramatic performances and the like are not valid excuses for missing classes, exams or lab work. Please note carefully: no make-up exams will be given. Gibbs phenomena. Hartmann, Giltner Hall, tel: , hartmann pa. Exceptions: For the UT Chemistry tests, a periodic table and useful constants will be provided. The test for Chemistry and is offered just before the first summer session, just before the fall semester, and just before the spring semester. No excuse will be accepted and no exception will be made regarding late submission. Amplitude modulation and balanced modulation with analog multiplier. Some X-hours will be used and class will not be held on all of the MWF dates. Astronomy 2 is without lab and students receive Dist. Attnedance and participation points will be determined accordingly. Interference between two loudspeakers.

McAdams FM demo. Cheating: 1 Use references in a close-book, close-note exam, or use unauthorized materials or aids in a take-home or open-book exam; 2 Represent the work of others as their own such as copy other students' work, including taking a formula created by a classmate ; 3 Submit the same academic work or a substantial portion of it for credit in more than one course without authorization.

Incoherence detection.


Labs 1 and 2 are run concurrently the first part of the term and Labs 3 and 4 are run in the second part. Exceptions: For the UT Chemistry tests, a periodic table and useful constants will be provided. Study Aids: Chemistry This test is not based on a specific textbook.

SLA Credit.

Stretched partials HRW SLA Credit. Please staple the reports! The final exam will have comprehensive components. The labs will be conducted in room Wilder. No shows who do not will be penalized. Note: The lectures and exams for Astronomy 2 and 3 will be identical. Bekesy tracking. Music of Harry Partch. Quizzes: These will usually consist of one question during class based on current material. You may bring a hand calculator, but it may not be shared. Late Submission 4. Academic dishonesty includes: A.

The zero-crossing counter and how to fool it; The reciprocal-reading frequency counter. Alternating pulses.

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